"I have heard of many health benefits of raw honey so I have eaten other raw honey brands since I was young. But they honestly did not have the best taste. Honey Sarah's honey is better than all the rest I have tried. It's super thick and raw, and most of all, it tastes so good. It's the best. I also feel energized and boosted up every day by this honey, and I am so grateful."  Paula L.
"Can't go back to any other honey after trying Honey Sarah!"  Jacob W. 
"My throat was itchy and dry, and I tried sore throat drops and tear but nothing helped. After eating Honey Sarah's honey, my sore throat was soothed and was completely healed.  I can't wait to find out what other health benefits this honey has!"  Jan B.
"I have been interested in natural products in the past years and my friend introduced me to Honey Sarah this year.  I was surprised how different it was compared to all the other raw honey products I have tried.  You can tell that nothing has been added or processed with this honey because it is not watery or thin; it is thick and even hardens/crystallizes in different temperatures.  That's how you know it's truly natural like straight from the hive. I can say without a doubt that it just tastes and feels better than all the other raw honey products I have tasted.  My favorites are the Alfalfa, Wildflower, and Orange.  Try it, you will know what I am talking about!"  Sharon J.
"Best place for natural raw honey, propolis and royal jelly.  This is not the typical watery type of honey that you can squeeze from plastic bottles from the market.  This is really thick and tasty raw honey.  I recommend Honey Sarah to all my friends because I know they will love it."  Jung S.
"Honey is my favorite sweetener because it is healthy! And Honey Sarah's honey is very different compared other raw honey.  Try it to believe it.  I'm excited to share Honey Sarah with everyone!"  Jenny C.
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